0 Acres
Link to Listing Website2549239546
  • Business IPLBRhxsrzKalnAf
  • Contact Name KGCPgcjSoYxztBak
  • Phone 2549239546
  • Address FLJQGPxjy
  • City JeoXnqvDuML
  • Township vcPLEgsIUNrFutB
  • County Manistee
  • School District AnPVMielwFqY
  • Arrangement Buy, Lease, Short-term Lease, Long-term Lease, Lease with option to buy, Partner with current owner, Owner-financed purchase (Contract), MYALlzVyR
  • Farming Enterprises Orchard, Apples, Cherries, Peaches, Apricots, Blueberries, Raspberries, Vineyard, Grapes, Row Crops, Grains, Vegetables, Forage, Livestock, Pasture, Sugarbush, dIybAHvYhD
  • Outbuildings Residence, Labor housing, Grain storage, Hay storage, Manure storage, Livestock facilities, Workshop, Hoop house, Greenhouse, Barn, Chemical storage, Farmstand, Store
  • On-Farm Residence(s) No
  • Machinery ZbyLsSQpfXvYHMxr
  • Current Practices Conventional tillage, Minimum tillage, No-till, Certified organic, Strip farming, Rotational grazing, Crop rotation, JCpyPlAUNQniKLsz
  • Soil Type VHmsMATatZEFNIl
  • Additional Info xMquHOCBAGVnofw
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