Organic Farm School

Bear Lake, MI
Four Lakes Farm
Four Lakes Farm is proud to announce that we are offering ORGANIC FARM SCHOOL for Summer 2018. We apologize for any confusion as this was accidentally posted as a job. It is a call for students, not for employees.

We are a 40 Acre family market garden farm working within the farm to table model by selling all produce and goods directly to consumers at Farmers Markets and our Onsite Market Stand. We are on the famous Highway M-22 between Onekama and Arcadia. We have decided to change course and start training future "local" farmers who can provide quality food for their communities.

We will be accepting twenty students this first summer. The weather and our only very recent epiphany to take on this venture has left us crunched for planting time for cold weather crops and we are fast approaching regular planting time. If you are interested you need to act quickly.

Cost will be $1800 for the entire class running thru October. $1200 will be required up front and the balance can be paid off over two months. You will get 5% discount if you pay all up front. The one thing that we are offering over the other very few schools of this type is hat you will be able to recoup some if not all your costs and even possibly a profit through the sales of what you grow and a share of what sells from shared farm resources like fruit, etc.

You will get a plot 150' x 100' which is little over a 1/4 of an acre for vegetable planting that you are solely responsible for. ( we can allocate you more possibly if interested but 1/4 acre is more than enough to worry about for a beginner) You will also, as a group, create flower patches, a pumpkin patch, a corn patch, mushroom hatcheries, manage hops plants, have shared interest in all fruit already growing on our trees and bushes, and all wild edibles, flowers, etc that you can use.

There will be a shared chicken coop and you can raise 1 large livestock animal ie. cow and two, possibly more small ones i.e.goats. But it's your responsibility to find, buy and transport them here. Pigs are not going to be part of this years curriculum.

We will provide hands on teaching from working the soil all the way to market. We will get into mushrooms, orchards, hops,flowers, medicinals, herbs and just about anything else you can think of. You will use our rototillers, tractor, etc but you should provide your basic tools like shovel, hand hoes, etc. you can get those after starting as we will advise as to best tools to get. We will also get into preserving, jam making, soap making, etc and have shared cooking sessions, etc.

You may camp here in your camper trailer for extra $100 a month which will include water tank fill ups and limited, no guarantee (no streaming) WiFi internet access but there are no electrical or water hookups and you will need to drive to nearest campground to dump. If we get enough interest we may build a bathhouse but no promises.

Time is short! Email, text or call if interested 231-970-1073