Allgaier Farm

80 Acres
  • Contact Name Bill Allgaier
  • Phone 231-218-1227
  • Address 6040 Culver Road
  • City Traverse City
  • Township Long Lake
  • County Grand Traverse
  • Arrangement Lease, Lease with option to buy
  • Farming Enterprises Row Crops, Grains, Forage, Livestock, Pasture
  • Outbuildings Residence, Grain storage, Hay storage, Manure storage, Livestock facilities, Workshop, Barn
  • On-Farm Residence(s) Yes
  • Machinery None
  • Current Practices No-till
  • Soil Type Good topsoil on 60 of the 80 arces
  • Additional Info My dad bought the farm in the late 40's and farmed it full time for 50 years. It was used to grow crops including hay, rye, oats, corn and buckwheat. He then used as a hobby farm with no tilling and harvested only hay until the new millennial. Would like to strike up a conversation about leasing all or a portion of the property until a decision is made about keeping the property or selling.
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