Bear Lake
Four Lakes Farm
This is not a job, it’s a business/career opportunity. While there are the romantic notions of being a farmer, it’s not always in real life. We want you to be realistic about what you are getting into. Please read every word below.

This is meant to be a business opportunity. You are not working for us, you are getting the use of our farm to hopefully make money or for whatever use we agree upon. In my opinion It's not practical cost wise to play homesteader not on your own property but that is between you and your bank account.

Also know that there is no way a single person or even a couple is going to have enough time or stamina to do all the work necessary to make a living market gardening. You can make extra money but not enough to make a year long living without help. You will need at least 2 other workers. Take it from us, we learned the hard way. The $500 rent is for the growing season and does not include the small house, which is another $500.

We are Four Lakes Farm, a 40 Acre Family Farm. We are no longer farming for profit so we are offering the experienced farmer (or budding newbie if you really know what you're getting into) an opportunity to expand or get your feet wet. The rent fees for the farm itself will be based on 6 months, April through September.

We do live on site and while you will have freedom to plant what you want we will have final say in any "projects" you want to undertake, trees you may want to cut down, animals you want to have, etc, etc. there will be no modifying any of the existing structures. Anything you build or plant here stays here when you go so I would stick to annuals.

You will have full access to approx 10 acres of very nice loamy soil that is uncommon for this area. You can also use the approx 10 acres of woods to harvest ramps, grow mushrooms, etc. You will also have a 72' x 30' hoophouse at your disposal ( must be only used for in ground planting).

We have 55 hp tractor with loader with 6 foot rototiller which, if need is limited, I will run for you for cost of fuel. if needs gets extensive we can negotiate extra fee. you have use of our walk behind rototillers, any other gardening tools (you break you replace though) Water will cost extra but will only be based on electricity used to run pumps.

You will also be able to harvest all fruit, etc from our 60 plus tree orchard of apples, pears, peaches and plums. ( minus what we take for personal use which isn't a lot) our 48 hops vines, our grape vines, Jerusalem artichokes, Egyptian walking onions, and our 60 plus blueberry bushes. You can also use all the horse and chicken poop compost we have but THE ONE MAJOR STIPULATION IS YOU MUST USE ORGANIC PRACTICES. ROUNDUP ETC WILL NOT BE ALLOWED as we don't want it in our fields.

You may also have animals for the cost of pumping water ( to be determined) We have 16 acres fenced for livestock. If you use our barn and fenced area, animals must get along with our horses. You may erect any other fencing for goats, sheep, etc as needed or a hen house,etc.

Plus you can use our roadside market building. We have sold bread, jams, eggs, etc etc in the past along with produce. All this for $500 a month for 6 months. Half will be due up front, rest can be paid off monthly. This does not include housing. That is extra, see below.

We will also have a one bedroom house available ONLY FOR FARM RENTER for $500 a month all utilities included for the 6 months. If you were to continue staying in house past the six months .we would renegotiate price without electricity for winter months. Do not email asking just about house. For now it is only available to person who rents farm.

I do already have one farmer using about 10 acres for growing vegetables and pasturing sheep so you will have company. He is a neighbor and has a roadside stand on his property so you wont have competition on the property proper. There are many good farmers markets within 20 miles for you to sell at also. We were successful with most vegetables, squashes, flowers, and herbs. The only things that do not do well here are melons but we never tried them in the hoop house.

We will require a background/credit check just as any landlord would do.

For initial contact please email. It’s much easier for me to make sure you know what you are getting into via email.