Tasting Room Associate

Traverse City
Chateau Chantal Winery
  • Date Posted 7/31/2017
  • Category Business
  • Position Type Part-type
  • Employment Terms Permanent
  • Compensation $9.25-9.50/hour PLUS TIPS (AND with a bonus of $1-$2/hour on weekends for eligible employees who work on at least 4 weekends between Labor Day and Halloween) (hourly)
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-Be friendly, welcoming & polite to the public
-Sell wine & other items
-Serve tastes of wine
-Give tours of facility
-Serve tastes of wine at Jazz @ Sunset
-Setting of room/ Work area / Stocking of wines & merchandise
-General clean-up and closing
-Packaging and Shipping

But know that the customer comes first– when someone walks in the room, stop what you are doing and welcome them!